What our Clients are Saying …

I have been working with Marguerite Bachman for about 3 years now. I came to Marguerite as a result of a referral from my Doctor. I had just been through a major surgery which had left me unable to walk.

After a short recuperation period in the hospital I began working with Marguerite. I really could do no meaningful exercise at that time and so she began with basic Pilates stretching and learning the movements of Pilates and familiarizing me with the equipment, and so my recovery began.

Marguerite was constantly mindful of, and attentive to my progress. She is incredibly patient and encouraging towards her clients. When I would become frustrated with my progress she would keep me focused on what I could do, and remind me how far I had come.

It is now 3 years later and I am probably in better shape than before the operation.

Marguerite has given me my life back!

Although there are some limitations to what I can do, they are slight, and I am very grateful for what she has done for me.

Not only have I benefited from Marguerite’s instruction, but my whole family are now Pilates devotees, and would work with no one else but Marguerite. She continually upgrades her training and knowledge, travelling regularly to seminars. She is a highly qualified professional with an incredibly warm and caring personality. I refer her regularly.

Without hesitation I would recommend Marguerite, as she is an incredible health care Professional.

Barry Lloyd and Family (2010)

I have been enjoying the benefits of Soul to Sole and Marguerite Bachman for about 11 years. She has made such a change to my life. When I started Pilates with Marguerite I was dealing with a lot of arthritis based issues which I had been advised would just get worse. In general my arthritis has not become worse and through Pilates I have found that I am stronger, more agile and less uncomfortable. Marguerite has an innate ability to sense where each individual’s body is on any given day and even though she will work to get the most out of each session she also knows when to let your own body do the talking. I have recently moved quite a distance but I still greatly enjoy the sessions and the sense of well-being and an energized feeling that I am happily willing to drive further. I have recommended friends and associates to Marguerite and will continue to do so because I know that they will be as satisfied as I am.

Barbara I.

Hi Marguerite!

I just wanted to thank you for the vast improvement I have experienced in my fitness and in the improvement in my overall wellness.  My “back” issues are almost non-existent since I’ve started pilates training with you.

I have always been a fairly fit person but after I had my daughter, my fitness level decreased substantially and when I started back on track with my fitness when Lindsay was three years old, it did not come easy.  Pilates was a “gentle” way back in and while I thought my abdominals were quite strong, it was humbling to see that strong abs has nothing to do with strong core!!!

Since the four years I’ve been with you, I’ve also gotten back on track with my complete fitness regime and I would have to say that at 45 years of age, I am stronger in a more complete way than I have ever been in my entire life.  My now strong core has helped me to access power from a completely different place which leaves my back out of all the fitness and day-to-day “stuff” I do which means I have way less back strains and pains!

You’ve also been able to help me deepen in the Pilates work so that every time I reached a new fitness level, you took me to a higher and more challenging level within Joseph Pilates’ work so that I never got bored and the work continued to be challenging.

Thank you for being such an inspiring and professional teacher.  Your body of knowledge within this arena is unmatched and appreciated, not to mention when I see you performing the moves, I am at awe at your ability to make the toughest exercises seem so easy and effortless.  You are truly a master teacher!

Eleana Ilkay

I arrived at Soul2 Sole about 4 1/2 years ago with a very bad lower back from sports injuries.  The medical advice I received stated I had three choices – pharmaceuticals, steroid shots or operations.

I liked none of them and decided to try Pilates or Yoga, another form of exercise that promotes core strength.

Pilates proved to be the most favourable in terms of results.  After about six months, going three times per week, my back is not an issue at all.

I am a fan!


I would start by saying that I am on the top end of middle-aged and have never been a sports or physical minded person. I am delighted to discover that Classic Pilates at “Soul2Sole” is the life enhancing program I can practise to be balanced, centred, and strong.

I’ll break down my experiences into the following categories:

  • Gym – the atmosphere in Marguerite’s home Pilates Studio is serene and relaxed. Enter an oasis through the private entrance – change into exercise clothing in the large spa bathroom, fill your water bottle from the cooler and enjoy the subtle scent and flavour of citrus.
  • Professional – Marguerite has devoted her life to exercise and helping others. She encourages me to push my strength as well as listen to my own body. I have an old injury that surfaces occasionally – Marguerite modified some moves to assist in the healing and enable me to continue our work.
  • Weekly Sessions – I attend once a week for a one hour private session. This is the hour I look forward to after a busy week of work. I centre my body and mind – I relax and improve my health by being aware and mindful of moves, exertion, and balance.
  • Results – The exercises are surprising in their results. In only five classes (5 hours!) I could see my body reshaping and my posture realigning. I have never seen such positive results with such a short time investment – ever!
  • Homework – Each week there is a little more to learn and small steps that can be taken daily to build strength and body alignment.

It was my great fortune to meet Marguerite and become a Pilates Student. This is a lifestyle program that works!

Gail M.

I have been a family physician for 23 years and I have personally had a marked improvement in low back pain from doing Pilates. I have sent many patients for Pilates therapy for musculoskelatal injuries with good results especially in chronic neck and back pain from MVAs which has not responded to physiotherapy. I think Pilates is superior to massage therapy and conventional physiotherapy for rehabilitation of neck and back injuries. Unfortunately the cost of Pilates and the fact that it is rarely covered by ICBC makes it difficult for many patients to access.

Dr. Lee Ann Wills MD CCFP