Age: 57, circa 1937

Joe Pilates

What Our Clients are Saying...

“Twenty-six years of weekly lessons and still loving every minute of it! That says it all!

A wonderful knowledgeable teacher, an abundance of Pilates equipment and challenges that keeps one learning and improving…everything a client wants.

Marguerite is the best!”

Sally Sapinsky 2023

“Three times a week and half a continent away,Marguerite and I get together to “practise” Pilates.Marguerite is a patient and well versed teacher who helps me awaken my muscles and challenges my body to her careful coaching. After our sessions together,I feel revitalized and ready to take on my day.I look forward to returning to Vancouver to continue our sessions and to laugh and learn in her studio.”

Marilyn McK 2023

“Pilates is an effective therapy for many musculoskeletal issues. I have been taking sessions with Marguerite for 25 years and her excellent anatomical and rehabilitation knowledge has helped me with both back pain and recovering from injury. I would highly recommend her for Pilates treatments for both acute and chronic issues.”

Lee Ann Wills MD FCFP 2023

“I worked with Marguerite Bachman for about 5 years. I came to Marguerite as a result of a referral from my Doctor. I had just been through a major surgery which had left me unable to walk.

After a short recuperation period in the hospital I began working with Marguerite. I really could do no meaningful exercise at that time and so she began with basic Pilates stretching and learning the movements of Pilates and familiarizing me with the equipment, and so my recovery began.

Marguerite was constantly mindful of, and attentive to my progress. She is incredibly patient and encouraging towards her clients. When I would become frustrated with my progress she would keep me focused on what I could do, and remind me how far I had come.

I am probably in better shape now than I was before the operation.

Marguerite gave me my life back!

Although there are some limitations to what I can do, they are slight, and I am very grateful for what she has done for me.

Not only have I benefited from Marguerite’s instruction, but my whole family have become Pilates devotees and will work with no one else but Marguerite. She continually upgrades her training and knowledge. She is a highly qualified professional with an incredibly warm and caring personality. I refer her regularly.

Without hesitation I would recommend Marguerite, as she is an incredible health care Professional.”

Barry Lloyd and Family (2023)

“I have been attending Soul 2 Sole for nearly 12 years and she has helped me build a stronger core and overcome severe back pain. Marguerite is a seasoned professional who knows exactly how to work with the body in front of her. I would highly recommend Pilates with Marguerite.”

Kathy MacK 2023